I wanted to share this blog, from a site that I like very much. This post is really timely.
It is really fascinating to me the hold that new technology has on us, and by us, I mean me. I grew up with no answering machine, let alone a cell phone. I took long road trips, as a woman, alone, with no cell phone in my hand. If I went out and about in my life, I never wondered who might be calling me and just hearing the endless ring of my home telephone. My tethered land line with a curly cord… If you weren’t home, it meant you weren’t home, which meant you were doing something else.

I have only had a cell phone for 7 years. Only been using a computer for 9…More than half of my adult life was spent without these things, and now I never leave the room without my phone in my hand….What is up with that?
Having a cell is an incredible convenience. Where is my daughter? I am late at the studio. I am at the store, do we need anything? My car is broken down, please send help. My client can’t find my house or needs to cancel at the last minute.
It serves a definite purpose, but there needs to be some balance. I am so surprised and appalled at how it has taken over my life in so many ways. Need to recalibrate.

Oh, and I too have a Samsung Galaxy S5…..so sexy…..so hard to resist…

I wish you all the best with your divorce and hope you end up being better friends.