the cats began circling the bed like small furry sharks about 5:00 a.m… they do….their torture goes on until I break and climb out of bed damning them back to hell from whence they came. they cry the piteous cry of their people who have no thumbs with which to operate can openers….

the beasts are fed, the coffee made, the newsletter sent, the sky is lighting up and it is time to cook. my daughter and mother will be here in a couple of hours and I need to get a jump on things. so grateful for this quiet morning time. a leisurely morning of cooking. roasting a turkey breast, stuffing, sweet potato biscuits, steamed green beans, pear and beet salad, mashed potatoes and gravy….mmmm….

I have been writing for quite awhile and have randomly lost my text 3 times, so I shall stop where I am and just wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. there is much more to write and it shall come your way……soon…