so, this new food frontier looks a bit like this:


morning: hot water lemon, anti cancer tinctures from this magical herbalist expert in mccall Idaho. probiotic. coffee (organic of course) or matcha.

a piece of toast with avocado. fresh green juice. a ton of vitamins and supplements.

later a smoothie; (pear, banana, kale, rice milk is my personal favorite.)

nuts, raw veges, rice crackers organic tortilla chips for snacks.

evening meals could be: salads, rice or quinoa, sautéed veges, lentils, kitcharee, soba noodles and sometimes some sort of organic meat.

tasty. healthy, nutritious, sometimes not very enticing in some respects.

although my daughter tolerated juicing for a bit, (she is not a fan) she has become a matcha freak and she likes her smoothies, she was becoming more and more morose around the house. bemoaning how her dad cooks “real” food. (he is an amazing cook)

finally around Christmas she said to me, “mom, food used to be this joyful delicious festive part of our lives. we used to bake, and cook and have people over for dinner and for wine  and now it is just boring and just something to feed us, not something to be enjoyed. we eat the same things all of the time and you have all of this fear around what you eat and you don’t seem very happy any more. isn’t the whole point of eating is that it should be delicious and pleasurable?”

wow. thank you lily. reality check.

 i need to mention too that my daughter was a gourmand from the moment she was born. she eats every thing, has a highly sophisticated palate, and has eaten more amazing food in more incredible restaurants than many people twice her age. she has a deep appreciation for the delights of eating and preparing amazing food. she gets it and does not take it for granted. wait, i take it back, she takes it for granted that you would only eat food that is delicious, well prepared and beautiful.

so, I really thought hard about what she said. (I always think very hard about and take seriously anything my daughter says to me)

I saw her point in many ways. again, I needed to find a balance. what works for me. for us.

so we sat down and came up with a new plan. mostly having the greens/veges/juice/smoothie/lentils world of food. but then once every 2 weeks making an old standby. I make the best macaroni and cheese in the world. but now, using all organic ingredients and making a small batch instead of a casserole size quantity. spaghetti with meat sauce, baked mediterranean chicken, etc. the list goes on…


make a new “green” recipe of some sort a couple of times a month as well as a new gourmet recipe once a month.

I have a couple of fantastic cookbooks to recommend: “crazy sexy kitchen” and “raw food, real world”. both contain amazing and delicious recipes. covering a range from vegetarian, vegan and raw. some of the recipes take a bit more prep, but most are simple with few ingredients. I highly recommend them both.

lily and I used to bake all of the time together. we are bringing that ritual back into our world. some recipes are new ones with stevia, agave or maple syrup as sweeteners. the most incredible macaroon recipe from the “raw food, real world” cookbook. 6 ingrediants and maple syrup is the sweetener. fantastic! some recipes we use are old standards (chocolate chip cookies)  with the best organic sugar and chocolate we can find and just use less of it. make a smaller batch.

instead of having a cheaper bottle of wine around the house a couple of times a week, I buy one much nicer bottle of wine and have that stretch out over the course of a full week, or perhaps not have it at all. but it is not a staple in my pantry any more.

savoring each and every morsel and swallow, instead of being constantly immersed in a state of sensory and culinary overload, to the point where senses become dulled. body always craving “more”.

I do not see integration of some old favorite food choices as being “bad”. I am choosing delicious, beautiful, sensual food experiences, and folding them into my life in a  balanced way.


will I eat a mcdonalds hamburger and fries? never. will I go to my favorite neighborhood eatery and order their local grass fed beef burger and home cut fries and split that with someone and order an extra salad for the side? yes, I will. will I eat a box of red vines or m&m’s for my treat? no, but I will go to my favorite French bakery and slowly savor a pastry or chocolate mousee that I will share with my daughter. will I have a few glasses of non descript wine just because it is there at someone’s house? no. but I will savor one perfect glass of champagne, my favorite beverage in the world. oh my god, yes I will.

I have no doubt that we need to eat as healthy as possible and that one component of the perfect storm that is cancer, is diet. one huge step is reducing/eliminating sugar, no processed food, no dairy (or only sparingly and only organic) and eating only organic in general. I do not see my eating as an either or scenario.  I am making healthy choices, folding in other foods not on my daily list, on occasion and enjoying them all the more for it. also finding that as my eating habits have changed I do not crave these other foods in the same way, or have any desire to eat as much of them as I would have when they were a daily part of my life. I think too, that when you are not getting the nutrients your body needs, you over eat because your body is malnourished and desperately trying to fill a need that is not being met so our body wants MORE. when our nutritional needs are being met, we can have a taste of something that is perhaps more sensual in nature but less nutritious and be content with that. enjoy it much more.

and we are living in a time where there is an amazing amount of delicious, exotic and super healthy alternatives to our old ways of eating. vegetarian, and raw restaurants are springing up every where and I am fortunate that in the city I live in many restaurants are conscious of  seeking out local, fresh and organic items for their menus. even when I dine out I can make healthy choices.

I am a woman who is all things venus. love, sensuality, delight, sensory satiety. I approach everything in my life asking “what is the purr factor in this?”

this is my life, and I will savor and cherish every bit of it. and not do it the way any one else does, but  doing what works for me and my body. what makes me feel the best on every level.