I lift my head and find myself floating in the exact middle of the largest expanse of ocean on the planet. as far as I can possibly be from anything in any direction. both arms flung over a piece of timber from my ship, my steady and true vessel that has been blown to bits. the only remaining evidence of what had once been. and amazingly enough, it floats. it holds me up.

I look around and have no idea how I got here, or what happened. only a vague recollection of my previous life. a strange and disjointed dream. nothing familiar. no landmarks. no point of reference.

the waves have stopped crashing. I no longer think that I will drown. there are no sharks and more importantly, no fear of sharks. it is just quiet and I am rocked by the vastness of the ocean. held in this emmence embrace and soothed.

I cannot see land. there is no indication that I am anywhere near land, and for once, for right now, it is o.k. to not know where I will wash up.

I know for certain that it will be no where I have ever been before. there Is no possibility of going home, because that does not exist any more. I do know that when I get there, there will be a great deal to do. a new life to build. a new language to learn. but for now, I rest and rock in the arms of the ocean, and trust the currant to take me where I need to go, and when I get there, I will swim, then walk onto shore and start all over again.