Christmas day greetings,

it has been awhile…I have been deep in chemo crazy land…(more on that next posting…) and in between episodes, preparing for the holidays. I really love this time of year. I make cards and gifts and cook and bake and spend much time by the fire. candles everywhere.

there has been much beauty in so many ways. a baby shower for a friend of mine who is due in a couple of weeks, (but the full moon is Friday, I am thinking we may see some action before then…) we painted a mandala with body paint and glitter on her belly in front of the fireplace. surrounded with delicious food, loving spirit family and cats. coaxing that baby girl over to this side. we’re waiting…

another friend, who is back east, is there putting her father into hospice. she lives here in boise, so may not see him again after this. someone comes in. someone goes out.

many people, a staggering amount actually, all doing their cancer dance. each one distinctly their own. although mine is hard, I am humbled by their stories.

“be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” –plato-

many emails received from friends and blog readers sending love, support, anecdotes, and stories of how reading my blog has touched them or helped them in some way. the biggest gift I could ask for. I am touched and moved daily by how I am held. Thank you world.

and now I am going to my ex-husbands house where he and his new wife, her kids and my daughter are hosting an open house. a tradition that he and I started 15 years ago. things shift, they are restructured, and yet there can be an inherent steady integrity, a history at the center. divorce need not look a certain way. as with everything else in my life, I refuse to do anything the way anyone else does.

so as I sign off for the day, I wish each and everyone of you a glorious Christmas day. take a walk. breathe the fresh air. hold your loved ones close. look them in the eyes and listen to what they have to say to you. eat delicious food with your full attention and all of your senses. have a glass of fabulous wine and savor it. give thanks for this experience of being a spirit in a human body. it is a gift, not a right. unwrap it daily.

in love and light,