halloween in the cancer ward…extra spooky


i had planned on recounting my adventures in the hospital over the last weekend, but not really had the time to tell that tale, so it is forthcoming…

but for today i give you a macabre detail that just might make your hair stand on end…

last year when i first visited the oncologist it was october.  the oncology department is down in the lower level of the hospital. the bowels of the earth.something about stepping into an elevator, pressing “lower level” and watching the doors slide slowly and silently shut, was disconcerting. as we stepped off of the elevator, there were halloween decorations everywhere and right above the receptionist desk were two plastic skeletons hanging by their necks. twisting in the recycled air. and under the skeletons, a big bowl of refined white death sugar halloween candy… in the cancer center…the one universal fact about cancer is that if you have it, sugar feeds it. indisputable.

something not lining up….

now, that, is scary!

was back in the same place today, one year later, no skeletons in sight. no bowls of candy. it cheered me to know that someone noticed that that was not o.k. instead of seeing an oncologist, i was there to see an acupuncturist. a much more nurturing day. a new day. a not scary day. not scary at all.

got to go get my head shaved….more later…